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Fig. 5

From: P-wave first-motion polarity determination of waveform data in western Japan using deep learning

Fig. 5

Polarity plots on maps. Polarities determined by the CNN models and human experts are plotted on a map. Black and white circles represent match examples, which denote Up and Down, respectively. Dark blue and light blue circles represent mismatch examples. Dark (Light) blue means that the decision by human experts is Up (Down), while that by the CNN model is Down (Up). The red cross denotes the epicenter. We plot the polarities for the earthquake with the most polarities read by human experts for each region (San-in or northern Kinki) and each sampling frequency (250 Hz or 100 Hz). The results for the earthquakes with the second to fourth most polarities are shown in Additional file 1: Figs. S1–S3

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