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Table 3 Regional dependence of the CNN models

From: P-wave first-motion polarity determination of waveform data in western Japan using deep learning

Training setSan-inN. Kinki90% data of both regions
Test setN. KinkiSan-in10% N. Kinki10% San-in10% both
250 Hz98.8%96.2%98.9%97.7%97.9%
100 Hz95.4%92.3%97.0%94.8%95.4%
  1. The accuracy of each case is shown. “Training set” means the data set used for training and validation. The result in the far right column is the same as that of Table 2. The CNN models used for the second and third columns from the right is the same as that used for the far right column; the result in the far right column is the weighted mean by the number of test data. N. Kinki represents northern Kinki