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Fig. 10

From: Quantitative relationship between plume emission and multiple deflations after the 2014 phreatic eruption at Ontake volcano, Japan

Fig. 10

Schematic illustration showing simplified mass flow beneath Mount Ontake after the 2014 eruption. Blue arrows indicate possible fluid outflow from the shallow deflated reservoir, as indicated by a blue sphere. Gray arrow indicates discharged fluid from the deep deflated reservoir, as indicated by a large and gray symbol at a depth of − 3 to 0 km absl. A horizontal crack at a depth of − 3 km absl and a red rectangle below − 5 km absl indicate co-eruptive subsidence source detected by leveling survey in the 2014 eruption (Murase et al. 2016) and the intruded dike in the 2007 eruption (Takagi and Onizawa 2016), respectively. Black diamonds indicate GNSS stations with displacement caused by the both deflation sources

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