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Table 2 Results of covariance testing

From: Quality over quantity: on workflow and model space exploration of 3D inversion of MT data

CovRMSRMS\(_{\text{var}}\)KSUNo. of iterationsB/U RMSB/U no. of iterations
0.2 smoothed once1.766.514.81801.86169
0.4 to 10 km then 0.21.7612.56.61801.61175
  1. Covariance vs. overall RMS model fit (column 2) and RMS\(_{\text{var}}\) (column 3), the number of KSU per iteration (column 4) and number of iterations to converge (column 5) and the overall RMS misfit for the same model when the ocean is not locked (B/U= bathymetry unlocked, column 6) and the number of iterations taken to converge when the ocean is not locked (column 7)