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Table 3 Results of lateral cell size tests

From: Quality over quantity: on workflow and model space exploration of 3D inversion of MT data

Cell size (m)CovXYX span (km)Y span (km)RMS overallRMS 10–100 sRMS 100–1000 sRMS 1000–10,000 sRMS\(_{\text{var}}\)KSU
  1. Details of the five inversions used to determine the best lateral cell size for AusLAMP inversion (5000, 7500 and 10,000 m)
  2. These were run with all the same covariance (0.4) and then with a larger covariance for the 5 km to reduce speckling (0.5) and smaller for the 10 km to get a more detailed model (0.3). The starting RMS is constant, 25.3