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Table 4 Investigation of how inverting different components of the impedance tensor and tipper affects the final model

From: Quality over quantity: on workflow and model space exploration of 3D inversion of MT data

Components invertedIterationsKSURMS invertedRMS full Z and TRMS full ZRMS T
Full Z and T1475.31.751.751.771.72
T only1106.21.0519.2523.61.05
Full Z only41711.585.891.589.91
Zxy, Zyx only6.71851.245.952.99.42
  1. The final RMS is given for the components that were inverted (column 3). The RMS is also given for a forward calculated model for the full impedance tensor and tipper, and the RMS for this overall (column 4) and the individual Z (column 5) and T (column 6) are also given