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Fig. 6

From: Distribution and morphology of the surface ruptures of the 2018 Donggala–Palu earthquake, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Fig. 6

Seismicity of Central Sulawesi area. Epicentres of moderate and large events (Mw 5–8) that occurred in shallow depth (< 35 km) from 1929 to 2019 are shown. Magnitude source: Pelinovsky et al. (1997); USGS, and Indonesian Earthquake Catalog, the based map: peak ground acceleration (PGA) by USGS (2018). Rupture trace inferred from radar satellite imagery is also shown as dashed line after Socquet et al. (2019). Structural lineaments are drawn after Ratman (1976), Sukamto (1973), Simandjuntak et al. (1991), Sukido et al. (1993), Watkinson (2011), Watkinson and Hall (2017)

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