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Fig. 1

From: Frequency-dependent amplification of the Sanriku tsunamis in Ryori Bay

Fig. 1

a The rupture areas of the 2011, 1933, and 1896 earthquakes (the squares of black, light blue, and red) based, respectively, on Satake et al. (2013), Okal et al. (2016), and Satake et al. (2017) and the location of Ryori Bay (yellow circle); b the computation domain for the inundation simulation with the control line along the longitudinal direction of the bay. The focal mechanism of the 2011 earthquake displayed in a is based on the Global Centroid–Moment–Tensor Catalogue (Dziewonski and Anderson 1981; Ekström et al. 2012). The horizontal coordinates, X and Y, at the north-west corner of the domain in b are − 96,072.0 m and 82,042.0 m in the Japanese plane rectangular coordinate system No. 10 and the scale interval for the figure (distance between grid lines) is 5 km

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