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Fig. 2

From: Correction to: Stress state along the western Nankai Trough subduction zone inferred from b-values, long-term slow-slip events, and low-frequency earthquakes

Fig. 2

Spatial distribution of catalog completeness magnitude, Mc, estimated using the maximum curvature method (Wiemer and Wyss 2000) on a grid with 0.1° horizontal spacing. Events were extracted in a 35-km radius around each node. Purple and red contours represent isoslip values due to 2003 and 2010 SSEs in the Bungo Channel (Ozawa et al. 2013; Ozawa 2017), with labels in meters and an increment of 0.05 m. Orange contours represent the cumulative slip distribution due to 1997, 2005, 2007, and 2009 SSEs in southern Miyazaki district (Yarai and Ozawa 2013), with labels in meters and an increment of 0.01 m. Purple and black rectangles represent faults corresponding to SSEs from 2004–2006 to 2011–2013 in western Shikoku (Takagi et al. 2016). Gray circles show LFE locations obtained from the JMA catalog

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