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Fig. 4

From: Occurrence characteristics of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves at sub-auroral Antarctic station Maitri during solar cycle 24

Fig. 4

a The daily F10.7 cm solar flux (\(\Phi _{s})\) as a function of time superimposed with their 13-monthly smooth averaged values for 2011–2017. The unit of 10.7 cm solar flux is \(10^{-22} W m^{-2} Hz^{-1}\) . b The monthly percentage of duration (left Y-axis) and the monthly duration in hours (right Y-axis) of EMIC waves. The months where data loss is large (exceeds 30%) are marked by yellow bars. The peak of solar cycle 24 occurred during April 2014, which is marked by vertical dotted line in each panel. This line divides the total dataset into ascending and descending phases

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