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Table 1 Overall occurrence characteristics of EMIC waves in ascending and descending phases of solar cycle for quiet and disturbed days during 2011–2017

From: Occurrence characteristics of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves at sub-auroral Antarctic station Maitri during solar cycle 24

Ascending phaseDescending phaseTotal
Obs.=1080 daysObs.=1287 daysObs.=2367 days
Occ.=1058.2 h, (4.08%)Occ.=2108.3 h, (6.83%)Occ.=3166.5 h, (5.57%)
Obs.=939 daysObs.=141 daysObs.=1025 daysObs.=262 daysObs.=2367 days
Occ.=913.0 hOcc.=145.2 hOcc.=1688.8 hOcc.=419.5 hOcc.=3166.5 h
  1. Observations are mentioned in days, and EMIC wave occurrence is mentioned in hours