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Table 2 Coefficients of a linear fit \( N_{\text{m}} F2\text{(CADI)} = a \cdot N_{\text{m}} F2\text{(RKN)} + b \) to the scatter plots of RKN electron density versus CADI (Fig. 6)

From: Comparison of SuperDARN peak electron density estimates based on elevation angle measurements to ionosonde and incoherent scatter radar measurements

 a\( b\,\text{(} \times 10^{11} \;\text{m}^{ - 3} \text{)} \)Correlation coefficientNumber of points
Night1.92− 0.930.392764
Dawn1.56− 0.830.452110
Day1.11− 0.350.594048
Dusk1.42− 0.530.473909