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Table 1 Huber-weighted rms misfit (in nT) for various model parameterisations. \(N_\text {para}\) is the number of model parameters

From: Magnetic observations from CryoSat-2: calibration and processing of satellite platform magnetometer data

#Parameterisation\(N_\text {para}\)FGM1FGM2FGM3
1Weak temporal regularisation, all common parameters12846.437.236.72
2Same, no T dependence12786.577.236.80
3Same, no SA and Batt current dependence12756.517.306.80
4Same, no MTQ current dependence12756.817.607.13
5Same, no quadratic and cubic terms12367.207.787.30
6Same, no common parameters12127.858.327.81
7No temporal regularisation, all common parameters12846.397.076.67
8No temporal regularisation, no common parameters12127.758.187.71