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Table 1 The estimated moment, moment magnitude (Mw) and maximum slip for the past four major Bungo channel SSEs

From: Long-term slow slip events along the Nankai trough delayed by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, Japan

 Moment NmMwMaximum slip
2018/2/1–2019/8/144 (×1018)7.030 cm (36 cm in northern Hyuga-nada)
2009/7/1–2011/3/133 (×1018)6.931 cm
2003/2/1–2004/2/125 (×1018)6.837 cm
1996/9/1–1998/7/142 (×1018)7.033 cm
  1. The slip in 2018–2019 in the same grid knot as those for the past SSEs is 30 cm, although the maximum slip is 36 cm in the northern Hyuga-nada Sea grid knot. The 1996–1997 SSE does not include slip in southern Hyuga-nada Sea