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Table 1 Weight factor combinations leading to the best schedule for the 12 + 1 and 18 + 1 station training networks

From: Optimal antenna locations of the VLBI Global Observing System for the estimation of Earth orientation parameters

12 + 1\(\omega _{{\text{sky}}}\)\(\omega _{{\text{nobs}}}\)\(\omega _{{\text{dur}}}\)\(\omega _{{\text{idle}}}\)18 + 1\(\omega _{{\text{sky}}}\)\(\omega _{{\text{nobs}}}\)\(\omega _{{\text{dur}}}\)\(\omega _{{\text{idle}}}\)
\(\vec {\omega }_{p1}\)0.671.001.000.33\(\vec {\omega }_{p1}\)0.670.000.330.67
\(\vec {\omega }_{p2}\)1.000.670.330.33\(\vec {\omega }_{p2}\)
\(\vec {\omega }_{p3}\)0.671.000.670.33\(\vec {\omega }_{p3}\)0.330.000.331.00
\(\vec {\omega }_{p4}\)0.330.670.670.33\(\vec {\omega }_{p4}\)1.000.330.331.00
\(\vec {\omega }_{p5}\)0.670.330.670.67\(\vec {\omega }_{p5}\)1.000.330.671.00
\(\vec {\omega }_{p6}\)0.670.000.671.00\(\vec {\omega }_{p6}\)0.330.000.000.00
\(\vec {\omega }_{p7}\)1.000.330.670.67\(\vec {\omega }_{p7}\)0.670.000.000.33
  1. Each row corresponds to one combination of weight factors \(\vec {\omega }\) leading to the best result for a network with the additional antenna located at position p1–p7 (see Fig. 2)