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Table 1 Specifications of receiver components

From: A monitoring network for anomalous propagation of aeronautical VHF radio waves due to sporadic E in Japan

Location (CODE) Sarobetsu (SAR) Sugadaira (SGD) Oarai (ORI) Chofu (CF2) Kure (KUR) Onna (ONA)
(a) Geographic coordinates
Latitude 45.16° N 36.42° N 36.33° N 35.66° N 34.24° N 26.50° N
Longitude 141.75° E 138.32° E 140.58° E 139.54° E 132.53° E 127.85° E
(b) Antenna specification
Type Log periodic
Product name Create design CLP-5130-1 Create design CLP-5130-3
Frequency range 59–1300 MHz 80–250 MHz
Gain 10–12 dBi (10 dBi at 110 MHz) 12–13 dBi (12 dBi at 110 MHz)
Direction South West West West Southwest North
Polarization Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Vertical Horizontal
(c) Band-pass filter
Product name Not used Not used AOR ABF128 AOR ABF128 Not used Not used
Frequency range 108–136 MHz 108–136 MHz
Insertion loss 4 dB 4 dB