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Table 1 Information on MOWLAS stations, including their numbers, sensors, URLs, and DOIs

From: MOWLAS: NIED observation network for earthquake, tsunami and volcano

Name of network # of stn* Sensors at typical station URL DOI
 Hi-net 782 Velocity seismometer, tiltmeter
 K-NET 1037 Strong motion accelerometer
 KiK-net (695)** Strong motion accelerometer (vertical array)
 F-net 73 Broadband seismometer, velocity-type strong motion seismograph
 V-net 55 Velocity seismometer, broadband seismometer, tiltmeter, GNSS
 S-net 150 Accelerometer (analog/frequency), velocity seismometer, pressure gauge
  S1 22    
  S2 26
  S3 26
  S4 28
  S5 23
  S6 25
 DONET 51 Strong motion accelerometer, broadband seismometer, pressure gauge, differential pressure gauge, hydrophone, precise thermometer
  DONET1 22
  DONET2 29
  1. * As of the end of 2019
  2. ** All the KiK-net stations share the station with Hi-net