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Fig. 1

From: Stress state along the western Nankai Trough subduction zone inferred from b-values, long-term slow-slip events, and low-frequency earthquakes

Fig. 1

a Epicenter distributions of \( M \ge 1.4 \) earthquakes at depths of 25–40 km obtained from the JUICE catalog (black circles) and of low-frequency earthquakes (LFEs) at depths of 20–50 km obtained from the JMA unified catalog (red circles). Non-LFE earthquakes are scaled by magnitude. Dotted black lines correspond to isodepth contours of the plate interface with labels in kilometers (Hayes et al. 2018). Four blue lines represent the locations of the cross sections in b. b Hypocenter distributions projected onto four vertical transects in a. All events that occurred within 50 km of each transect are plotted. Blue lines represent the upper surface of the subducting plate by Hayes et al. (2018)

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