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Fig. 2

From: Simple kinetic model for replacement reactions involving solid solutions: the significant role of geofluids

Fig. 2

A reaction mechanism map denoting the reaction mechanisms and the behavior of the system as a function of two dimensionless parameters, \(\gamma _{{{\rm A}}}\) and \(\gamma _{{{\rm B}}}\). The map marks the regions in the \(\gamma _{{{\rm A}}}\)\(\gamma _{{{\rm B}}}\) space in which different behaviors can be observed. The contours of \(X_{\alpha }^{{{\rm A}}}\) (red lines) and \(X_{\alpha }^{{{\rm B}}}\) (blue lines) are also presented. The broken lines are the contours of the dimensionless parameter \(\delta\) that represent the ratio of \(k_{{\rm A}}\) to \(k_{{{\rm B}}}\)

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