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Fig. 6

From: Simple kinetic model for replacement reactions involving solid solutions: the significant role of geofluids

Fig. 6

The double logarithmic plots of the reaction rates as a function of \(\gamma\) when \(\delta =1\). The results of this study for net-transfer reactions involving a solid solution are denoted in a and c. For comparison, the results of the case of net-transfer reactions that do not involve a solid solution (Lasaga 1986) are denoted in b and d. Upper: a and c denote the results for the case when \(D^{{\rm eff}}/L\) is constant to depict the dependency of the reaction rate R on the surface reaction rate constant k. Lower: b and d denote the results when k is constant to denote the dependency of R on the intergranular diffusion constant, \(D^{{\rm eff}}\). The slopes in the upper and lower graphs refer to k and \(L/D^{{\rm eff}}\), respectively, implying a controlled reaction process, which is written in the rectangular box

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