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Fig. 1

From: Identification of a nascent tectonic boundary in the San-in area, southwest Japan, using a 3D S-wave velocity structure obtained by ambient noise surface wave tomography

Fig. 1

Topographic map of the San-in area and locations of seismic stations. Inverted red triangles indicate permanent stations (natural frequency 1 Hz), and inverted black triangles indicate temporary Manten project stations (natural frequency 2 Hz). The green line shows the Southern Japan Sea fault zone (SJSFZ), and the red line shows the Northern Chugoku shear zone (NCSZ). The San-in shear zone (SSZ) is shown by white shading. The white and green triangles show the locations of Mt. Daisen and Mt. Sanbe, respectively. Stations A and B are used to compute dispersion curve in Fig. 3

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