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Fig. 1

From: Near-ridge-axis volcanism affected by hotspot: insights from effective elastic thickness and topography of the Ojin Rise Seamounts, east of Shatsky Rise in the northwest Pacific Ocean

Fig. 1

Bathymetry of the study area. a Bathymetric map around the Ojin Rise Seamounts and Shatsky Rise. Bathymetric data are from Smith and Sandwell (1997); contour interval is 500 m. Shatsky Rise is outlined in red at the 5000 m bathymetric contour. Thin black lines represent magnetic anomaly lineations (Nakanishi et al. 1999). The white-edged black line at lower center is the seismic reflection survey line of Ohira et al. (2017). The two dashed rectangles are the areas shown in b and c. The inset shows the locations of Shatsky Rise, Japan, and present plate boundaries (dashed lines). b Bathymetric map based on data collected during cruise KR14-07. c Bathymetric map of the study area

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