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Fig. 4

From: Near-ridge-axis volcanism affected by hotspot: insights from effective elastic thickness and topography of the Ojin Rise Seamounts, east of Shatsky Rise in the northwest Pacific Ocean

Fig. 4

Results of admittance analysis. a Admittance amplitude vs wavenumber k (red line) with dashed line indicating the best fit to the observed admittance for 0.08 < k < 0.4. b Coherence of the observation admittance values (red line). The gray area is the range of wavenumbers where coherence exceeds the threshold of 0.4. c Observational admittances (black circles with standard deviations) and the theoretical admittance for Te = 2.7 km (red line). d RMS misfit between observational and theoretical admittances (red line). The vertical dotted line represents the Te value at the minimum RMS. Dashed lines represent RMS misfits between observational and theoretical admittances for crustal thicknesses of 8.4 and 11.8 km

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