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Fig. 9

From: Magnetotelluric characterization of the Alhama de Murcia Fault (Eastern Betics, Spain) and study of magnetotelluric interstation impedance inversion

Fig. 9

a ERT model obtained for the La Torrecilla profile. Modified from Ardanaz et al. (2018). b Geoelectrical model obtained from the inversion of TE and TM magnetotelluric data with its main conductors and resistors identified. UC: upper conductor; UR: upper resistor; Upper CR: upper conductor–resistor alternation; C1: conductor 1; C2: conductor 2; R1 resistor 1. c Pseudosections of the apparent resistivity (left) and phase (right) TE and TM data and model responses (apparent resistivities and phases). The relative position between the ERT and magnetotelluric model sections are indicated by the red lines. Note that the resistivity scales are inverted from each other

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