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Table 1 Summary of the 2 models used to calculate the responses and to test the inversion of the interstation impedances

From: Magnetotelluric characterization of the Alhama de Murcia Fault (Eastern Betics, Spain) and study of magnetotelluric interstation impedance inversion

 Forwarda—site configurationInversion
Model 1 (vertical contact)ConductiveResistiveZZIqZ
A1 2 34 5 6  
B1:5 2 34 5 6 
C1 2 34 5:1 6 
Model 2 (fault + block)1DBlockFault1DZZIqZ
A1 2 3456  
B1 2 34:656 
  1. The forward column indicates at which sites Z and ZI were calculated. The inversion column indicates which inversions were performed (Z, ZI or qZ) and the validity of the obtained models (good , or regular )
  2. aOne number indicates the site number; two numbers separated by a colon indicates where the site’s electric and magnetic fields were recorded, respectively