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Fig. 2

From: Detection of plastic strain using GNSS data of pre- and post-seismic deformation of the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake

Fig. 2

E–W strain rate profiles for the preseismic (1997–2002; solid line) and postseismic (2013–2018; broken line) periods. These profiles are obtained by adding or subtracting offset (DC) components from the strain rate profiles shown in Fig. 1e, f (see the text). Note that the offset component corresponds to the longest wavelength component. The locations of the profiles, which are taken from 37.1°N (profile A) to 37.9°N (profile E) every 0.2°, are shown in Fig. 1. Adjacent profiles are drawn with an offset of 300 nanostrain/year, where the zero level of the profile C corresponds to “0” in the scale of the vertical axis. The dashed-dotted box on each profile shows the region of the northern NKTZ

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