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Fig. 5

From: Structural control and system-level behavior of the seismic cycle at the Nankai Trough

Fig. 5

Propagation and triggering of two sequences of deep slow slip and slow earthquakes. The first (ad) and second (eh) sequences start at about 910 and 1093 years, respectively. During each of the two sequences, fault dynamics of the same time window are plotted as a function of variable time steps (a, e) and physical time (b, f). In both cases, the long-term slow slip in segment C propagates down-dip and triggers a slow rupture near the segment boundary. The slow rupture further expands down-dip and triggers a faster rupture at the bottom of the slow-slip zone. Slip velocities at the center of segment C (dashed profile) and segment D (solid profile) for these two sequences are plotted in c and g, respectively. d and h are enlarged time series surrounding the slow earthquakes in c and g, respectively. b and c share the same x-axis, while the enlarged d has a x-scale of hours. f and g share the same x-axis

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