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Fig. 6

From: Structural control and system-level behavior of the seismic cycle at the Nankai Trough

Fig. 6

Partition of slip modes along the megathrust. The accretionary prism (segment A) features partial locking, creep, and occasional slow slip. The seismogenic zone (segment B) shows stick slip with full and partial ruptures, foreshocks and aftershocks, with creep slowly migrating inwards during the interseismic period. Earthquake nucleation (dashed segments) occur up-dip and down-dip the seismogenic zone. Large ruptures can penetrate into the slow-slip segment. Some large ruptures with shallow hypocenters stop before they reach the down-dip boundary of the seismogenic zone, sometimes generating an aftershock in the slow-slip region. Small ruptures occur mostly near the boundaries of the seismogenic zone. The rupture indices are consistent among figures

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