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Fig. 2

From: Estimation of the source process and forward simulation of long-period ground motion of the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi, Japan, earthquake

Fig. 2

a Map projection of the total slip distribution. The slip contour interval is 1.0 m. The star denotes the epicenter. Gray circles denote the hypocenters of the aftershocks (M ≥ 1) that occurred within 1 day after the mainshock. The size of the circles indicates the event magnitude. Dotted lines denote the isodepth contours of the curved fault model at 5 km intervals. b Rupture progression in terms of slip amount for each 2.0 s interval. The slip contour interval is 0.8 m. c Comparison of observed waveforms in the mainshock (red) and the MJMA 5.4 aftershock (black) at HDKH04 and IBUH01. These waveforms, which were observed on the ground surface, are low-pass filtered at 0.5 Hz

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