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Fig. 11

From: Nonlinear wave growth theory of whistler-mode chorus and hiss emissions in the magnetosphere

Fig. 11

(after Hikishima et al. (2020))

Particle simulation of hiss emissions. a Dynamics frequency spectra of waves propagating forward in the direction of the magnetic field at positions \(h =\) −100, 0, 50, 100 \(c \Omega _{\text{e0}}^{-1}\) at the initial phase of the simulation (\(t = 0 \sim 8 \times 10^{4}\) \(\Omega _{\text{e0}}^{-1}\)). The equator is at \(h = 0\). b Spatial and temporal evolution of transverse wave amplitudes \(B_{\text{w}}\) of waves propagating forward (right panel) and backward (left panel) along the magnetic field line for an short time interval \(t = 4.35 \sim 4.60 \times 10^{5}\) \(\Omega _{\text{e0}}^{-1}\)

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