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Fig. 5

From: Nonlinear wave growth theory of whistler-mode chorus and hiss emissions in the magnetosphere

Fig. 5

(after Katoh and Omura (2011))

Chorus simulation. Electron hybrid simulation of whistler-mode chorus emissions. a Dynamics spectra of transverse electric field. b Spatial and temporal evolution of wave amplitudes \(B_{\text{w}}\) of chorus emissions in the early period of the simulation run indicated by red arrows. Solid lines show location of the critical distance \(\pm h_\text{c}(t)\) from the equator, where \(h_\text{c}(t)\) is evaluated from the wave amplitude \(B_\text{w}(h, t)\) averaged over \(h = -10 \sim 10 c\Omega _{\text{e0}}^{-1}\)

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