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Table 1 Comparative parameters for the M9.9-class flare on January 1, 2014

From: Validation of computed extreme ultraviolet emission spectra during solar flares

EUV flare line/band Observed EUV flare time-integrated irradiance (J m−2) Calculated EUV flare time-integrated irradiance (J m−2) Observed EUV flare line rise time (s) Calculated EUV flare line rise time (s)
Fe VIII 1.3E−03 7.9E−04 939 988
Fe XV 3.1E−02 1.0E−01 919 1056
Fe XVI 2.6E−02 1.7E−01 949 956
Fe XVIII 4.7E−03 3.7E−03 919 1120
Fe XX 3.0E−03 2.8E−03 779 648
He II 2.4E−01 3.8E−02 469 1144
55–355 Å 1.4E−01 1.3E−01
55–135 Å 2.4E−02 2.4E−02