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Table 1 Initial parameter settings for the analysis. Maximum step sizes are adjusted from these values in the Burn-in phase

From: Real-time automatic uncertainty estimation of coseismic single rectangular fault model using GNSS data

  Initial value θint Maximum step size \({\Delta}{\theta^{\text{max}}}\) Prior PDF    
Latitude [°] LAT \({\sqrt{{{\text{LEN}}_{\text{M}}}*{{\text{WID}}_{\text{M}}}}*} 0.1\) N (LAT, \({\sqrt{{{\text{LEN}}_{{\text{M-1}}}}*{{\text{WID}}_{{\text{M-1}}}}}}^2\))
Longitude [°] LON \(\sqrt{{{\text{LEN}}_{\text{M}}} * {{\text{WID}}_{\text{M}}}} * 0.1\) N (LON, \({\sqrt{{{\text{LEN}}_{\text{M-1}}}*{{\text{WID}}_{\text{M-1}}}}}^{2}\))
Depth [km] DEP 1 N (DEP, 202)   
Strike [°] NP1, NP2 10 U (0, 360)    
Dip [°] NP1, NP2 10 U (0, 90)    
Rake [°] NP1, NP2 10 U (-180, 180)   
Length [km] LENM LENM*0.1 U (0, ∞)    
Width [km] WIDM WIDM*0.1 U(0, ∞)    
Slip amount [m] SLIPM SLIPM*0.1 U (0, ∞)    
  1. LAT, LON, DEP, M: values estimated by EEW
  2. LENM, WIDM, SLIPM: values based on scaling law by Utsu (2001). The units are converted for each line
  3. NP1, NP2: Nodal planes based on Terakawa and Matsu’ura (2009)