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Table 1 Summary of observation

From: Lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary beneath the Sea of Japan from transdimensional inversion of S-receiver functions

Site name Tectonic domain Data availability
JPB4 Japan Basin 2017/07/18–2019/07/27
JPB5 Japan Basin 2018/07/25–2018/10/17
JPB6 Japan Basin 2017/07/18–2019/07/27
YMB3 Yamato Basin 2013/10/18–2015/8/11
YMB4 Yamato Basin 2013/10/18–2014/08/03, 2015/08/11–2016/08/08
JS2 Yamato Basin 2003/08/14–2003/11/15
JS4 Yamato Rise 2002/12/01–2003/11/15