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Table 2 Iridium NEXT Residual Ranking by Orbit Plane

From: Investigation of geomagnetic reference models based on the Iridium\(^{\circledR }\) constellation

Number of satellites Plane 1 Plane 2 Plane 3 Plane 4 Plane 5 Plane 6
6 SV140 SV138 SV126 SV129 SV155 SV114
11 SV144 SV113 SV168   SV154 SV112
15 SV146   SV172   SV156 SV102
19 SV148   SV180   SV166 SV106
23 SV149   SV167   SV165 SV104
27 SV145   SV171   SV158 SV103
30 SV150     SV160 SV111
33 SV157     SV163 SV147
36 SV153     SV159 SV152