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Table 2 Summary for data cleaning process after kinematic analysis

From: On the performance of position-domain sidereal filter for 30-s kinematic GPS to mitigate multipath errors

Threshold for DD RMS (mm) 7 25 60
Threshold for # of DD 7 7 7
# of epochs omitted by the above two thresholdsa 6887 3660 14,583
Threshold for all-block outlier removalb 4 4 4
Threshold for intra-block outlier removalb 5 5 4
# of epochs omitted by the above two thresholdsa 2174 6066 20,480
Total # of epochs obtained by interpolationa
(its fraction to the total epochs)
  1. aSum of the number of removed epochs are not equal to the total number of epochs obtained by interpolation because we do not let TRACK estimate coordinates at the first or last bunch of epochs in each day when corresponding raw observations are not available
  2. bStandard deviation multiplied by these values is used as threshold
  3. cThis includes 8640 epochs for the 3 days during which no RINEX files are available (section "30-s kinematic analysis")