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Table 4 Predicted value of the slope for the average ETAS parameters estimated at different tectonic settings around the globe

From: Spatio-temporal clustering of successive earthquakes as inferred from analyses of global CMT and NIED F-net catalogs

Region Slope (\({a}_{h}\)) Source
\(\mathrm{Tohoku}\) 0.25 Ogata and Zhuang (2006)
C&W Honshu 0.13
All Japan 0.15
California 0.19 Seif et al. (2017)
Sichuan (model 3) 0.16 Guo et al. (2015)
Sichuan (model 4) 0.30 Guo et al. (2015)
Italy 0.13 Lombardi (2016)