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Table 2 Feature of the present plastic scintillator.

From: Development of a cost-effective plastic scintillator for cosmic-ray muon radiography of a volcano

Composition and properties of the plastic scintillator
(1) Base resin (PS) polystyrene [C8H8] 99%
(2) Para-terphenyl (1,4 diphenyl benzene) [C18H14] 1%
(3) POPOP (1,4-Bis[2-5-phenyloxazolyl])-benzene [C24H16N2O2] 0.03%
B. Specific density (g/cm3) 1.04
C. Wavelength of maximum scintillation 420 nm
D. Decay constant 3.0–3.2 ns
E. Scintillation efficiency (% Anthracene) 50–60%
F. Light attenuation length 110–90 cm
G. Refractive index 1.5
H. Softing point 80–82°C