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Fig. 3

From: Enhancement of co-seismic piezomagnetic signals near the edges of magnetization anomalies in the Earth’s crust

Fig. 3

Maximum amplitudes of the expected piezomagnetic signals (ΔBX , ΔBY, and ΔBZ) plotted against assumed parameters. (a) Dependency on al3, i.e., depth of the top of the magnetized layer. (b) Dependency on au3, i.e., depth of the bottom boundary of the magnetized layer. (c) Dependency of T, i.e., period of the Rayleigh wave. Values of unspecified parameters are set to al3 = 0.5 (km), au3 = 5.5 (km), T = 30 s, and those listed in Table 1. Solid, dashed, and dotted curves represent ΔBX , ΔBY , and ΔBZ, in the case of magnetization, respectively. Curves in black and gray represent results corresponding to the non-uniformly and uniformly magnetized crust, respectively (i.e., (BNU)MAX and BU, respectively). The values of ΔBX and ΔBY, in the latter case are the same, so that only ΔBX is plotted.

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