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Fig. 3.

From: Tsunami source of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

Fig. 3.

(a) Slip distributions estimated by tsunami waveform inversion. The color bars are shown below. The subfault numbers are shown in the northernmost and southernmost subfaults. The star shows the mainshock epicenter. Circles indicate aftershocks within one day after the mainshock (JMA data). Dashed lines indicate regions where the probabilities and size of future subduction-zone earthquakes were estimated by the Earthquake Research Committee (2009). Coastal and offshore stations (the same symbol as Fig. 1) are also shown. (b) Seafloor deformation computed from the estimated slip distribution. The red solid contours indicate uplift with a contour interval of 1.0 m, whereas the blue dashed contours indicate subsidence, with a contour interval of 0.5 m. The light blue and dark green frames show the subfaults with >2 m slips. The synthetic tsunami waveforms are computed from these two regions (near the trench axis and interplate slip) and shown in Fig. 2.

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