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Table 1. Interferogram and SAR data used. Master and slave indicate the period of SAR data for performing SAR interferometry. Displacement from master to slave is estimated via InSAR analysis. Off-nadir and Bperp show representative values of the off-nadir angle and perpendicular component of baseline, respectively.

From: Detection and mapping of soil liquefaction in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake using SAR interferometry

Type ID Master Slave Cycles Direction Off-nadir Bperp Covered area
Preseismic I1 20110104 20110219 1 cycle Ascending 34.3° 709 m Tokyo Bay
Preseismic I2 20101005 20101120 1 cycle Descending 34.3° 593 m Tone River
Coseismic I3 20110219 20110406 1 cycle Ascending 34.3° 394 m Tokyo Bay
Coseismic I4 20101120 20110407 3 cycles Descending 34.3° 914 m Tone River