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Table 1. Required satellite specific information for tracking and accelerometer data processing.

From: Thermospheric density and wind retrieval from Swarm observations

Item Description
Definition of reference frame(s) Written description and drawing indicating the location of the origin and directions of the principal axes in which satellite geometry-related information is specified.
Geometry of the satellite external surfaces Dimensions, locations and orientations of the satellite outer panels, to be used for non-gravitational force model calculations. To be provided in the form of dimensioned drawings, and a table containing the area and normal vector for each major satellite panel.
Materials and optical properties of the satellite external surfaces For each material used on the exterior of the satellite, the fractions of absorbed light, diffusely reflected light and specularly reflected light need to be specified in a table and/or drawing. Characteristic values for visible and infrared wavelengths are required for solar and earth radiation pressure modeling, resulting in two times three coefficients per material. For each of these materials, drawings should make clear on which sections of the spacecraft exterior this surface material is used.
Locations of center of mass, instruments and antennae reference points Table containing the coordinates in the satellite reference frame of the location of the accelerometer instrument and tracking instrumentation reference points, and of the initial location of the center of mass, and the possible range of the variation of the center of mass due to fuel consumption.
Thruster activation data Information on the activation of thrusters consisting of identification of activated thruster(s) (location and direction in S/C frame), thrust duration, thrust magnitude.