2. Aeronomy

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  1. Full paper

    Global distribution of the migrating terdiurnal tide seen in sporadic E occurrence frequencies obtained from GPS radio occultations

    Global Positioning System radio occultation measurements by FORMOsa SATellite mission-3/Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere and Climate satellites were used to analyse the characteristic...

    Tilo Fytterer, Christina Arras, Peter Hoffmann and Christoph Jacobi

    Earth, Planets and Space 2014 66:79

    Published on: 28 July 2014

  2. Full paper

    Global and frequent appearance of small spatial scale field-aligned currents possibly driven by the lower atmospheric phenomena as observed by the CHAMP satellite in middle and low latitudes

    Using magnetic field data obtained by the Challenging Minisatellite Payload (CHAMP), we show global and frequent appearance of small-amplitude (1 to 5 nT on the dayside) magnetic fluctuations with period aroun...

    Kunihito Nakanishi, Toshihiko Iyemori, Kento Taira and Hermann Lühr

    Earth, Planets and Space 2014 66:40

    Published on: 27 May 2014

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