6. Geodesy

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  1. Full paper

    Validation of gravity data from the geopotential field model for subsurface investigation of the Cameroon Volcanic Line (Western Africa)

    Belonging to the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL), the western part of Cameroon is an active volcanic zone with volcanic eruptions and deadly gas emissions. The volcanic flows generally cover areas and bury struct...

    Jean Marcel, Jean Marcel Abate Essi, Philippe Njandjock Nouck, Oumarou Sanda and Eliézer Manguelle-Dicoum

    Earth, Planets and Space 2018 70:42

    Published on: 13 March 2018

  2. Full paper

    A dual quaternion algorithm of the Helmert transformation problem

    Rigid transformation including rotation and translation can be elegantly represented by a unit dual quaternion. Thus, a non-differential model of the Helmert transformation (3D seven-parameter similarity trans...

    Huaien Zeng, Xing Fang, Guobin Chang and Ronghua Yang

    Earth, Planets and Space 2018 70:26

    Published on: 12 February 2018

  3. Full paper

    Detection of water vapor time variations associated with heavy rain in northern Italy by geodetic and low-cost GNSS receivers

    GNSS atmospheric water vapor monitoring is not yet routinely performed in Italy, particularly at the regional scale. However, in order to support the activities of regional environmental protection agencies, t...

    Stefano Barindelli, Eugenio Realini, Giovanna Venuti, Alessandro Fermi and Andrea Gatti

    Earth, Planets and Space 2018 70:28

    Published on: 12 February 2018

  4. Express Letter

    Temporal gravity anomalies observed in the Tokai area and a possible relationship with slow slips

    The water in Earth’s mantle is closely related with plate subduction and volcanism. Recent studies revealed that the mantle wedge corner at approximately 30 km depth holds high-pressure water, where many slow ...

    Yoshiyuki Tanaka, Takehito Suzuki, Yuichi Imanishi, Shuhei Okubo, Xinlin Zhang, Miwako Ando, Atsushi Watanabe, Mamoru Saka, Chiaki Kato, Shuichi Oomori and Yoshifumi Hiraoka

    Earth, Planets and Space 2018 70:25

    Published on: 12 February 2018

  5. Full paper

    Comparison of shipborne GNSS-derived precipitable water vapor with radiosonde in the western North Pacific and in the seas adjacent to Japan

    We installed two global navigation satellite system (GNSS) antennas on a research vessel, the RYOFU MARU of the Japan Meteorological Agency, and conducted experimental observations to assess the GNSS-derived ...

    Yoshinori Shoji, Kazutoshi Sato, Masanori Yabuki and Toshitaka Tsuda

    Earth, Planets and Space 2017 69:153

    Published on: 3 November 2017

  6. Full paper

    Variation of Antarctic circumpolar current and its intensification in relation to the southern annular mode detected in the time-variable gravity signals by GRACE satellite

    The southern annular mode (SAM) in the atmosphere and the Antarctic circumpolar current (ACC) in the ocean play decisive roles in the climatic system of the mid- to high-latitude southern hemisphere. Using the...

    Jen-Ru Liau and Benjamin F. Chao

    Earth, Planets and Space 2017 69:93

    Published on: 6 July 2017

  7. Express Letter

    San-in shear zone in southwest Japan, revealed by GNSS observations

    A right-lateral shear zone in the San-in region, southwest Japan, has been proposed by previous geological and seismological studies. It locates 350 km north of the Nankai Trough, that is, the main plate bound...

    Takuya Nishimura and Youichiro Takada

    Earth, Planets and Space 2017 69:85

    Published on: 27 June 2017

  8. Letter

    Ground uplift related to permeability enhancement following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake in the Kanto Plain, Japan

    We investigated the post-seismic surface displacement of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake around the Kanto Plain (including the capital area of Japan), which is located approximately 400 km from the epicenter, using...

    Kazuya Ishitsuka, Toshifumi Matsuoka, Takuya Nishimura, Takeshi Tsuji and Tamer ElGharbawi

    Earth, Planets and Space 2017 69:81

    Published on: 19 June 2017

  9. Frontier letter

    Design and operation of a 1500-m laser strainmeter installed at an underground site in Kamioka, Japan

    A laser strainmeter with a 1500-m baseline was constructed at an underground site in Kamioka, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and has been operating since August 2016. The laser interferometer measures the change in d...

    Akito Araya, Akiteru Takamori, Wataru Morii, Kouseki Miyo, Masatake Ohashi, Kazuhiro Hayama, Takashi Uchiyama, Shinji Miyoki and Yoshio Saito

    Earth, Planets and Space 2017 69:77

    Published on: 8 June 2017

  10. Frontier letter

    Importance of rheological heterogeneity for interpreting viscoelastic relaxation caused by the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake

    This study develops a three-dimensional viscoelastic model using the finite element method to understand the postseismic deformation that followed the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake. The question of understanding ...

    Hisashi Suito

    Earth, Planets and Space 2017 69:21

    Published on: 31 January 2017

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Earth, Planets and Space 2017 69:55

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