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Volume 63 Supplement 4

International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) (II)

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Earth, Planets and Space (EPS) “Cosmic Dust: Its Formation and Evolution (III)”

This issue of EPS will be primarily devoted to the session “Cosmic Dust: Its Formation and Evolution” of the AOGS 20II meeting held in Taipei, Taiwan, by containing the papers presented at this particular session of AOGS 2011. Nevertheless, it is also open to submission of any other papers, following the regular EPS submission procedures, provided that the contributions discuss some aspect of cosmic dust. All kinds of cosmic dust such as intergalactic dust, interstellar dust, circumstellar dust, cometary dust, asteroidal dust, interplanetary dust, circumplanetary dust, stellar nebular condensates, presolar grains, micrometeorites, meteoroids, meteors, and regolith particles are the subject of discussion. Papers on other dust-related topics, for example, the formation of molecules and their reactions on and their desorption from the surface of dust particles, are also welcome.

All submitted papers go through a peer review process, wherein experts review, recommend, or reject the papers for publishing. Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers must be submitted to the EPS editorial office. Electronic submissions by e-mail to are encouraged, but authors who meet any difficulties with electronic submissions could submit a hard copy by post. For details, please visit the EPS Web site: and click on “Information for Contributors”.

The deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 October 2011. The cover letter should mention “Submitted to the Special Issue: Cosmic Dust (III)”. After papers are accepted, the authors will receive instructions for the final manuscript from the editorial office. This special issue will hopefully be published in July 2012.

For more information on this special issue, please contact the corresponding editor H. Kimura (; questions on manuscript preparation should be addressed to the EPS editorial office (

Note: EPS accepts manuscripts of original research contributions only, and so-called “review papers” will not be accepted.

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