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Figure 3

From: Sequential analysis of carbonaceous materials in Hayabusa-returned samples for the determination of their origin

Figure 3

Results of the tests for sample damage by ToF-SIMS and for FIB cross-contamination. (a) Change of the FT-IR spectrum before and after ToF-SIMS analysis. Dashed lines show where the peak positions appear in the spectrum before ToF-SIMS analysis: (1) 3,300 cm−1 - N-H stretching; (2) 1,800 and (3) 1,680 cm−1 - C = O stretching; (4) 1,560 and (5) 1,510 cm−1 - N-H deformation; (6) 1,450 cm−1 - N-H bending; (7) 1,330 cm−1 C-N stretching. (b) O-XANES spectrum of UTSs of a synthetic Mg-Fe-Ni olivine sample before and after FIB fabrication of the IOM (A-881458, CM2) UTS. Vertical axis shows absorbance normalized by direct beam. A dashed line at 532 eV shows C-O bond absorption from IOM. Ni01-01 and Ni01-02 are the spectra from the UTSs before and after the FIB fabrication of IOM.

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