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Table 3 Reconstructed analytical flow and effects on other measurements

From: Sequential analysis of carbonaceous materials in Hayabusa-returned samples for the determination of their origin

Order Method Data Sample damage
1 FT-IR Molecular structure -
2 ToF-SIMS Elemental mapping and analysis of molecular species Smoothing of FT-IR spectra, moderate change of isotope ratio of NanoSIMS analysis (Ito et al. 2014)
3 NanoSIMS Isotope ratio and mapping Large disturbance of ToF-SIMS result by Cs + implantation (Naraoka et al. 2014)
4 Raman spectroscopy Molecular structure Thermal damage by laser (not evaluated in this paper)
5 XANES Molecular structure Sample destruction by FIB sectioning
6 TEM/STEM Nanoscale texture and elemental mapping Sample destruction by FIB sectioning, electron beam damage on molecular structure (Yabuta et al. 2014)