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Figure 3

From: Mineralogy and defect microstructure of an olivine-dominated Itokawa dust particle: evidence for shock metamorphism, collisional fragmentation, and LL chondrite origin

Figure 3

TEM images of silicate grains in RB-QD04-0042. (a) Planar fractures in olivine from subsample RB-QD04-0042-02. Based on two images with different zone axis orientations, the plane's orientation is (0kl), most likely (013) or (014). It is not viewed edge-on in this orientation. (b,c) The [001] screw dislocations in olivine (Ol). (d) Defect-free spherical diopside (Di) as inclusion in olivine (subsample RB-QD04-0042-03). The manifold curved lines in (d) are bend contours.

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