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Figure 6

From: Large-ion lithophile elements delivered by saline fluids to the sub-arc mantle

Figure 6

Experimentally determined partition coefficients ( D Pb , Rb , Sr fluid / melt ) and geochemical signatures of arc basalt. (A) Partition coefficients of Pb, Rb, and Sr between aqueous fluids and coexisting haplogranite (HGR) or jadeite (Jd) melts at HTHP conditions as a function of pressure. Open symbols denote data obtained in the Cl-free system, and filled symbols denote data obtained in the 5 M (Na, K)Cl/kg water system. (B) A schematic diagram showing the geochemical pattern for Mariana arc basalt with three components normalized by Yb. Aqueous fluid-like and melt-like components represent shallow and deep subduction components in the original Figure two (C) of Pearce et al. (2005) using the data from Elliott et al. (1997); these components are attributed to aqueous fluids and sediment-derived melt or supercritical fluids, respectively (Elliott et al. 1997; Pearce et al. 2005; Hanyu et al. 2012).

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