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Figure 2

From: A large mantle water source for the northern San Andreas fault system: a ghost of subduction past

Figure 2

Seismological and geological settings of San Andreas Fault System (SAFS) in northern California. Faults active during Quaternary time (black lines) and the distribution of serpentinite and other mantle rocks (reddish-brown areas) in the same region of northern and central California as in FigureĀ 1 (Sources: 2010 Geological Map of California (Gutierrez et al. 2010; Jennings and Bryant 2010; USGS/CGS Quaternary Fault and Fold Database 2014). Note the close correspondence of the distribution of some of these rocks to the vicinity of strands of the SAFS and the similarities of the azimuthal trends of these bodies to nearby active faults.

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